Our Work

With our market-specific integrated online business solutions, Custom Web Apps customers enjoy all of the benefits of a strong online presence without tying up their internal resources. With our automated administration and maintenance programs, your company can free itself completely from the network programming tasks. With our user-friendly interfaces and training programs, your company can add and update content by simply filling out an online form and see the results in real time.

Selected Clients

App Development

Whatever your application or market need, Custom Web Apps can show you how our Internet solutions can improve your company's sales, reduce your operating costs and improve your company's productivity giving you the time you need to maintain your competitive edge.

  • Social Networks
    • GoVine - Wine-based social network mash-up
    • Labroots - Scientific focused social network
    • Sweetslap - Automated relationship assistant application
  • Content and Website Management Systems
    • Sweetslap - Automated relationship assistant application
    • Tess Cosmetics - New teen-focus product line
    • Chronic Ill Net - News and health information
    • Airshod - Equestrian technology
  • E-Commerce Systems
    • Mod Vellum - Beauty and cosmetic products
    • American Trade Institution - Online Education
    • Ceja Vineyards - Winery shopping cart
    • Grgich Hills Cellar - Winery newsletter management
    • John King Inc. - large textile manufactor's e-commerce system
  • Customer Relationship Management
    • Genacom - local e-business developer
    • Asthmatx - Health care site
    • Airshod - Equestrian technology
    • NapaNet - Local internet service provider
  • Publishers/On-Line Advertisementa
    • Breathin' Easy - Oxygen provider locator service
    • GoVine - Wine-based social network mash-up
    • Labroots - Scientific focused social network
    • Sweetslap - Automated relationship assistant application
    • Gun Tech Magazine - Gun community site
  • Search Engine
    • Labroots - Scientific focused social network
    • NapaSearchEngine.com - Local content search engine
    • Contra Costa County - Country information
    • Benson Marketing - Local marketing communications company
    • RaveSearch.com - Latest rave news
  • IntraNet Development
    • Airshod - Equestrian technology
    • QuickQuote - Online identity protection
    • Napa County Council for economic opportunity
    • NTT/Verio - Private Intranet
    • Sound Rrecording Special Payments Fund
  • Software Integration
    • Gun Club Of America - Gun community site
    • American Trade Institution - Online Education
    • Gun Tech Magazine - Gun community site
    • SRSPF - Music industry tax payment fund
    • GoVine - Wine-based social network mash-up
    • Labroots - Scientific focused social network
  • Other Systems
    • Applications Software Systems
    • Customer Service
    • Scheduling Systems
    • Payroll Systems

Industry Experience

Napa's Systems Integration

Our portfolio of web applications extends across the complete landscape of Napa's economy. From chocolate companies and wineries to high tech start-ups and government agencies, you will find a Custom Web Apps website, intranet, or social network.

We have built a large variety of applications, for every type of customer. Our experience extends into every segment of Napa's growing economy. Our web applications power agricultural, educational, food and entertainment, government, health, retail and technology companies.

Wine Industry

Our experience in the wine industry is extensive. With a score of designs completed for this market, we know what these companies expect from a systems integration company.

In the wine industry, we have implemented a variety of different systems configurations to meet a variety of different applications.

Health Industry

In the health industry, we have worked on private intranet applications and content management for hospitals.

Housing Industry

For the housing industry, we built applications to manage real estate and show new homes.

Retailiers Needs

With the power of e-commerce, automated email delivery and online software, Napa's retailers are empowered with the Internet, enabling them to expand sales, reduce operating overhead and reduce costs.

We integrate systems that allow for effective communication with the highest level of reliability and security. Custom Web Apps offers the technology to increase sales, lower costs and improve employee productivity. Our designs include the latest advertising, e-commerce, email, and customer engagement systems.

All of our designs offer easy-to-use interfaces that permit your staff to make changes quickly and easily.